A grudge hit. In my line of business , they tell you never to get personal. Sound advice, but damn hard to follow. The mark was an old evil, newly awakened from the nightmares that dance my attempts to sleep. He had fancied himself a mercanary, but everything about him screamed playboy. One of those James Bond types that should have died a million times, but through blind stupid luck , had lived.

Not this time.

There'd be no pay for this hit. No duffle bags of untraceable bills left in bus station lockers, no deposit slips to swiss bank accounts burning late at night. The only pay off for this hit would be satisfaction.

The weak needed to be purged from the herd.

I laid in ambush of my prey, and when the target presented himself, I pulled up bead on the pretty boy.

But even the best can get sloppy. I was so full of hate and loathing for my target, that I allowed myself to forget that this bronzed bozo had a smattering of training to him. He had found out about my little party, and invited a guest of his own.

Ninja-boy came out of nowhere. A hailstorm of feet and hands flying in a fury of complex movements as he screamed like an advertising tomcat. Lucky for me that I know Gun-Fu

My side arm shattered his knee, the now useless limb dropping to the floor like crimson firewood as his screams of war turned to shrieks of agony. Not waiting for him to focus, I pulled up scope and ended the dance as he fell.

By this time Captain Cocky had made it back to his car, the typical cheese mobile a playboy hitman would have. Unfortunately, it also had bulletproof glass and doors.

Smiling in triumph, he made his last mistake. Turning as he entered the car, he looked towards my nest and shot me the bird. What I shot back was enough to make him lay an egg. Two cracks of vengence split the still air like an axe.

I turned and gathered my things before his overly tanned body hit the pavement. Two bodies would bring the police down upon my ears like a over-sized hat. Moving away from the scene I did allow myself a single wry smirk.
Maybe now I could sleep in peace.

It's still my world.